Friday, April 14, 2017

The Green Energy Fund Latin America has secured funding commitments from Ben Young and  Texas Holdings Inc. for the mega project in Costa Rica of the Dry Canal or 'Canal Seco' which will change in name and concept to the 'Green Canal' or 'Canal Verde' under the leadership and technological integration of the Green Energy Fund.  This project will involve the coordination of 3 major ports, airports and a contiguous 5 km wide and 320 km long stretch of  land concession from coast to coast.

Time is money and if freight logistics companies can save 3 days by going to Costa Rica, rather than waiting in line at the Panama Canal then the free enterprise system will offer a new option for transporting containers.  


...Have been provided collateral gurantees in funds deposited to serve as guarantees so that firms interested in participating and banks interested in funding may participate with no risk!
These funds are under the control and management of Green Energy Fund Latin America under the Leadership of Green Energy Fund partners: 
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